The Station: 92.1 fm was infiltrated, documented, and equipment was confiscated by the federal communications commission on August 19th, 2004. The Station was located in San Luis Obispo and was a community landmark. It allowed many people with the ability to express their musical creativity over the radio providing local residents with underground, non mainstream music.

A brief history of The Station:
October 10th, 2003 - The Station: 92.1fm is up and running at 25 watts in San Luis Obispo.

October 23rd, 2003 - The Station starts playing DJed and automated music around the clock, seven days a week.

January 30th, 2004 - The Station grows from 5 DJs to 25 DJs. The station's power is boosted to 300 watts.

March 11th, 2004 - Station DJs raise to over 40 DJs playing over 60 hours of DJed music a week.

July 21st, 2004 - Cover of new times article "Arrr! Pirate radio for SLO Town"
July 21st cover article
This article was the reason The Station was shut down. If the owner of 91.7fm wasn't so cocky and antagonistic toward the FCC, both stations would probably still be around today. It pretty much cried out, "Here I am! Come get me if you can!" Anything published on the internet the FCC will find. Other fallen stations have proven that. I personally told the owner of 91.7fm that our greatest fear was to be published by one of the local San Luis Obispo papers. I even asked certain people at the CalPoly paper and Newtimes to please not mention anything about our station in the paper since that is how stations are caught by the FCC. The FCC had no other reason to come to San Luis Obispo.
August 19th, 2004 - The Station receives an anonymous tip that 91.7fm has been seized by the FCC. Transmission is shutdown and planned to stay off for 5 days. Against the advice of an associate manager and others, a associate manager turns transmission back on with in a few hours of shutoff. FCC is on location within 45 minutes of activation. The FCC comments on how they had to make an example of the other station. They said that The Station was the most powerful longest running station they have ever seen. They were impressed with the professional layout and equipment used to run The Station. They also commented that they had no other reason to come to San Luis Obispo except for the article by the NewTimes newspaper. The FCC confiscates the transmitter, 300 watt amplifier, and power supply. The Station closes it's doors for good.

August 21st, 2004 - I, the founder, find out, from 300+ miles away, that The Station has been busted and is no more.

August 25th, 2004 - I receive a friendly letter from the FCC notifying me that I am subject to $100,000 fine or jail if The Station is not shut down with in two weeks.

September, 2004 - NewTimes records silence of The Station.
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( This was made due to the overwhelming request for the sequence of events leading up to The Station's closure. )